EDF Series

EDF Series
EDF Series

EDF Series

Pixcel Pitch: 3.47 / 3.91 / 4.81mm

Brightness: Outdoor 4000CD/m2, Indoor 2000CD/m2

IP Rate:Outdoor IP65, Indoor IP40, 

Weight: 22.5 kg

Cabinet size:500X1000X90mm

Cabinet Material: Iron

Refresh Rate: ≥ 2000HZ

Induction Principle

Induction principle

Interactive dance floor LED screen induction principle: Based on the conventional dance floor LED screen,the interactive one is to add radar interaction, infrared sensors and other equipments. When a person moves on the screen, the sensor can sense his/her position and reflect the trigger information to the main controller, and then outputs the corresponding display effects after logical judgment. With infrared sensor, you can track people's movements to present real-time picture effects, such as water ripples, bloom, footprint at your feet.

Dance floor led display 官网整理2





Dance floor led display 官网整理3


Dance floor led display 官网整理


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