Meeting Room

A meeting room is needed in any industry, company and organization.

With the rapid development of networking and the increasing requirements for network meetings/information exchanges across different organizations, more and more conference rooms have begun to adopt large-screen conference room systems.

Through a complete large-screen conference room system, it can achieve multiple functions, such as Online network meetings, UHD display, Simultaneous input from multiple computers, Video conference, Audio play, etc.

The system usually consists of the following equipment:

1)LED screen 2)Control system 3)Control computer 4)Audio equipment 5)Webconference camera

conference room

Excel LED H series are widely used in conference/meeting room projects, the features are as below:

1. Front service, save space.

2. Modular design, seamless display.

3. Magnetic connection, fast installation & maintenance.

4. High consistence and uniformity of color and brightness

5. The brightness of the whole screen is adjustable according to various indoor display environments

6. Wide viewing angle, available to a horizontal 160°/vertical 160° display.

7. Plug & play cabling, convenient and safer for users.

Smart 500x500

Smart 500x500
  • Perfect Visual Performance

    Perfect Visual Performance

    High refresh rate, High contrast ratio

  • East maintenance

    East maintenance

    Integrated power and signal Individual box, easy and fast to be replaced duromh Events.

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