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LED display is more and more popular in outdoor advertising industry. It combines modern and high-tech. It has a series of advantages, such as energy-saving, environmental friendly, bright colors, dynamic display and wider range of audiences. It has appeared in every corner of the world.


Features of OOH LED display:

1. Seamless design even for customized shapes

2. High brightness, clearly visible in direct sunlight

3. Auto adjustment of brightness with the ambient light

4. Wide viewing angle, wide color gamut, rich color

5. Protection level high enough to meet all weather conditions

6. Environment-friendly and energy efficient for all weathers

7. Low battery consumption and long service life

8. Allow remote monitoring


Excel LED has 2 types of outdoor LED displays:

1) High brightness & energy saving type: B-pro series

2) Cost-effective type: B series

Smart 500x500

Smart 500x500
  • Perfect Visual Performance

    Perfect Visual Performance

    High refresh rate, High contrast ratio

  • East maintenance

    East maintenance

    Integrated power and signal Individual box, easy and fast to be replaced duromh Events.

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