Church Display


The church is an important place in the lives of Christians. As the main place for religious activities, most of them have a long history, and are scattered throughout the city and countryside, becoming an important part of cities and towns.

In the past, many churches chose to use projectors to display Bibles, videos and other documents.

Now more and more churches are using LED displays.


Because it has the following characteristics:

1. The brightness is high, even under bright environment, it can be seen clearly.

2. Brightness adjustable: it can adjust the brightness automatically/manually to fit different environment.

3. It can display different files, like videos, pictures, amination, text, office files, etc.

4. It can connect to the internet, so you can control it another place remotely. (for option)

5. The grey scale is between 1024-4096levels, and the color is over 16.7M, the viewing is more vivid.

6. The size can be customized, you can choose big/ small, vertical/horizontal screen according to location.


Excel LED Smart series and H series are recommended.


Smart 500x500

Smart 500x500
  • Perfect Visual Performance

    Perfect Visual Performance

    High refresh rate, High contrast ratio

  • East maintenance

    East maintenance

    Integrated power and signal Individual box, easy and fast to be replaced duromh Events.

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