Live concerts

 A huge screen can break the space limits on a live concert site and enables long-distance viewing. Excel LED's LED display solutions help organizers create unforgettable public events with large audience with the ultimate visual experience.

Live concert

Features of live concert and public event applications:

1. Accurate calibration and quick operation

2. Ultra thin and light: for fast installation and removal, and help save labor, time and transportation cost.

3. Excellent image quality and reliability, ensures the smooth running of the live event.

 4. Extreme installation and design flexibility: Creative installations with concave and convex can be easily achieved to meet different design needs. Flexible installations including hanging, mobile floor stand, ceiling-mounting.

 5. Professional AV system.

Smart 500x500

Smart 500x500
  • Perfect Visual Performance

    Perfect Visual Performance

    High refresh rate, High contrast ratio

  • East maintenance

    East maintenance

    Integrated power and signal Individual box, easy and fast to be replaced duromh Events.

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